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recent positions and clients

J/P Haitian Relief Organization

Director of Communications—2012-2014

I led the strategic development and growth of the Communications Department for the relief organization founded by actor Sean Penn in the wake of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Working closely with Mr. Penn’s publicist and answering directly to the executive director, I oversaw a team of five, both in Port-au-Prince and LA. I was responsible for the long-term, comprehensive planning and implementation of communications initiatives as the organization transitioned from emergency response to the reconstruction phase. I designed and implemented workflow systems and processes to strengthen the department, expand team capacity, enhance the quality of multi-media content and ensure a robust social media presence. I identified collaborative opportunities with partners and donors to expand the impact and reach of communications outputs. I directed the effort to raise J/P HRO’s visibility among local media and oversaw the asset development for multiple fundraising events, including a crowd funding campaign that raised over $300,000 at the 2013 NYC Marathon.

Work examples:

Pacific Health Summit

Consultant, Senior Media Coordinator—2009-2012

As the point of contact for communications teams from leading international foundations, research institutions and UN agencies, I was responsible for all media‐related activities for this annual, high‐level, invitation‐only, global health event, which is held in London and Seattle. I played an integral role in researching delegates from across sectors and regions; facilitated meetings for Summit delegates and top‐tier international press representatives; and led the development and coordination for expert panel discussions and media roundtables. I led the initiative for broader media representation, inviting key journalists from developing and BRICS countries to broaden the discussion, while providing access to key global health leaders for their reporting. I authored the Summary Report for the 2009‐2012 Summits, focusing on critical global health topics such as MDR‐TB, vaccines, maternal and newborn health and low-cost health innovations.

Summit reports:

Fred Hutchinson
Cancer Research Center

Consultant, Media Relations Coordinator, Uganda Program—May 2011 to Jan 2012

I developed and led the media plan for the launch of a USAID-funded cancer care, training and research center, to be based in Kampala, Uganda. Coordinating with international partners—Uganda Cancer Institute /Hutchinson Center Cancer Alliance—alongside the Uganda Ministry of Health and local media development organizations, I facilitated broad international, regional and national media coverage of a significant health challenge: the global cancer divide and the impact of infectious disease-related cancer in Africa.



French, Bahasa Indonesia and Spanish

Fellowships and Professional Development

  • Poynter Social Media
  • Pew Fellow in International Journalism, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)
  • Harvard - Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research (HPCR) International Humanitarian Law and Policy - TBC