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Yogyakarta Earthquake, May 2006 - In the village of Kauman, residents assess the extent of the earthquake damage. One neighbor was killed, another 30 suffered broken bones and other injuries and the disaster left all the villagers homeless.
Now homeless, this mother holds her daughter as she waits in line to register for government housing assistance.
The force of the quake leveled buildings throughout the region and left 1.5 million residents homeless. International aid organizations arrived to assist survivors, providing food, temporary shelter and medical assistance.
An injured survivor waits in the hallway for treatment at PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital in Bantul District of Yogyakarta. Area hospitals, many of which were damaged or destroyed, were overwhelmed by incoming wounded.
Volunteer relief workers wait at the emergency entrance of the Sarjito Hospital for ambulances to bring injured survivors. While this hospital was damaged in the disaster and some wards completely collapsed, the hospital is still functioning.
To fill in for damaged or destroyed hospitals, medical teams established field clinics to treat the wounded, a number that climbed to 35,000 people.
A young girl injured in the earthquake receives treatment in Yogyakarta's Bethesda Hospital.
Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Villar joined Merlin's emergency response team and reviews patient x-rays with doctors. Merlin, a British medical aid organization coordinated a response to the disaster within 24 hours, providing medical supplies, teams and support.
Thousands of homeless residents crowded into government assistance centers waiting for aid distribution.